Beautiful decorations and finishes can make all the difference in a room. Even the most basic of spaces can go from totally drab to mind-blowingly fantastic with just a little bit of TLC. But unless you take measures to protect your interior from the sun, all of the money you spend on décor is going to be totally wasted. That’s why we always recommend window film for homes in the Denver area.

By installing window film, you can take steps to guard your interior from damaging ultraviolet radiation and keep your hardwood floors, window coverings, and artwork in good shape. In this article, we’ll discuss how exactly this product works and why you should consider making the investment.

Understanding the Consequences of UV Exposure

As one of the many components of the electromagnetic spectrum, UV rays are everywhere. Even though we may not realize it, they’re always around us and we’re constantly being exposed. That’s why, when you go outside, you put on sunscreen to protect your skin.

But what most people fail to realize is that their skin isn’t the only thing that needs protection. UV rays behave in destructive ways towards fabrics, floors, decorations, and furniture, depleting colors prematurely as they break down the chemical bonds in dyes. For this reason, interior spaces need UV protection too.

How Window Film Can Protect Your Personal Belongings & Decorations

One great way to protect your personal belongings and decorations from UV rays is by installing window film. Denver homes, condos, and apartment buildings alike can benefit from it’s powerful UV blocking abilities. Window film casts out harmful ultraviolet rays without blocking natural sunlight.

This way, you can keep the room full of natural light. But your artwork, floors, and window coverings won’t be exposed to damaging radiation. It’s a great alternative to installing roller shades or blinds which block out the sun completely.

For more information on how it works, check out this case study: case-study-uv-blocking-window-film-denver

Keep Ultraviolet Radiation Out of Your Space

Keep your space looking new and beautiful by protecting it from ultraviolet radiation. Call our office today to get a quote on UV blocking window film in Denver.


Mike Kinsey has sold and installed over 250,000 square feet of window film. As the Operations Manager for Denver Home Window Tinting, Mike oversees all aspects of sales, product education, and customer relations. He is also the project manager for all residential window film installs. Mike's extensive product knowledge and years of experience give him the ability to select the perfect window film for any home. From privacy and decorative to energy efficiency, security, and more, Mike is well versed in all the top innovations and products available on the market today. He and his team have completed hundreds of projects in the Denver metro area, as well as the surrounding areas of Aurora, Wheat Ridge, Arvada, Centennial, Englewood, Thornton, and Littleton.