Experience Year-Round Savings with Climate Control Tint

Save money on your energy bills all year with climate control tint. Climate control tint offers Denver homeowners a solution for saving money on heating and cooling costs. It blocks out excess solar heat during the summer and keeps radiant heat in during the winter, resulting in a dramatic increase in HVAC efficiency. With climate control tint, homeowners can eliminate nearly one third of their energy bill and receive a full ROI in three years or less.

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How It Works

Standard home windows lack quality insulation, which leads to problematic heat loss and gain throughout the year. The result of this poor energy efficiency is a seasonal spike in electricity costs from heating and cooling. Climate control window tint puts these energy loss problems to an end. It uses low-e technology that controls how much heat is able to pass through your windows, making the interior temperature of your home more stable and comfortable.


Save 10-20% on Summer Cooling Costs

When it gets hot outside, so do your windows. Not only can this make your home uncomfortable, but it can also exhaust your HVAC system as it tries to keep up. Climate control window tint rejects solar heat to provide summer energy savings of up to 20%.


Experience Winter Savings of 15-30% in Heating Costs

Save money on heating costs during the winter with climate control window tint for your home. Climate control tint uses low-e technology to keep heat in place, dramatically lowering the amount of artificial heat your HVAC system has to produce.

Don’t pay the price for poorly insulated windows. Call Denver Home Window Tinting, the number one source in Denver for climate control window tint, to schedule an appointment for residential window tinting or to receive an estimate.