Bird Strike Prevention Films

When it comes to human-caused bird deaths, you probably think things like pesticides or oil spills do the most damage to our feathered friends. In reality, there is an even bigger threat out there to birds: one that kills roughly 1 billion birds each year in the U.S. alone!

So what is ending so many birds’ lives year in and year out?

How To Prevent Bird Strikes on Windows

As it turns out, it’s collisions with windows. That’s right; the lovely reflective windows on homes and businesses here in Denver are killing our avian friends. This is because they are invisible to birds who can only see the reflection of the sky. Even worse, when a bird strike to a window occurs, it is a messy, painful, and inhumane way for a bird to die. The cost to humans in financial terms can be millions of dollars. Environmentally, the cost is even more devastating. So how do you, a Denver home or business owner, keep birds from these run-ins with your windows? The answer is as simple as bird strike window film.

How Bird Strike Prevention Film Works

The theory as to why birds fly into windows is fairly solid; they simply can’t see them. Today’s glass is incredibly reflective and just looks like the clear sky to a bird. In order to prevent this, window film companies have used bird strike research to create films that are “fritted.” These films make the windows more visible to an avian. Essentially, a fritted film is one that has a recurring pattern of lines or dots. They are put there for the very purpose of giving birds a heads up. When birds see a pattern, they will recognize it as a wall, not open sky, drastically reducing mid-air collisions and sparing the lives of the many beautiful birds in the Denver sky. It also saves you from repeated glass repairs in the long run.

Denver window film bird divert

Introducing Bird Divert for Denver Homes!

Bird Divert is a revolutionary bird safety window film designed to prevent avian collisions with glass surfaces. This advanced product, created by National Window Film, offers a unique solution by being visible only to birds, not humans. Bird Divert addresses a critical issue, as millions of birds die annually due to glass collisions in North America. This optically-clear bird marker is recognized by esteemed organizations such as the American Bird Conservancy and the National Audubon Society, highlighting its significance in bird conservation. Bird Divert is versatile, meeting bird-friendly building requirements while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your property. With a 5-year manufacturer warranty, it offers a sustainable and responsible solution to protect our feathered friends and your home.


Other Bird Strike Prevention Film Options

Fritted window film typically comes in patterns with horizontal lines, vertical lines, or dots. It can, however, be a custom pattern as well. Repeating horizontal lines, dots, or other objects spaced no more than two inches apart and vertical lines no more than four inches apart work best. The birds will actually try to fly through the lines if the pattern is less dense. A common misconception is that placing the outline of a large hawk on a window will prevent window collisions. This is not true and won’t work. Again, most birds will simply attempt to fly around the decal and strike the window anyway. Fortunately, fritted patterns are barely visible to the human eye, so you don’t need to worry about the aesthetics. Also, fritted bird strike prevention films are very cost effective and come with many of the benefits of traditional window film, including:

  1. Easy installation and removal
  2. Added security
  3. UV protection
  4. Increased energy efficiency
  5. Glare control
  6. Customization options 

For more info on how you can save birds in the Denver area by installing a fritted film on your home or business, contact us today!  We can help you get set up with a bird strike deterrent film that looks great and saves you money!