Prevent Fading & Heat Damage in Your Home with Window Tint

Keep your home looking beautiful and vibrant by blocking out fade causing uv rays with window tint. In Denver, where sunlight is both intense and abundant year round, fading in flooring and furniture is a common issue that homeowners face. That’s why home window tint makes sense. Window tint blocks out 99.9% of uv rays and up to 98% of infrared heat, making your home far less susceptible to fading and heat damage.


What causes fading?

Fading can be caused by a number of factors but the most prevalent and likely reason by far is uv exposure. Sunlight contains a variety of spectrums of light and uv rays are one of them. Although most of uv radiation is absorbed by the atmosphere, some it still gets through the clouds and ozone and reaches the Earth’s surface. When UV light enters your home through your windows, it comes into contact with your flooring and furniture, causing it to fade and lose its vibrant, colorful appearance.

3M™ Sun Control Window Films

Keep colors looking beautiful & vibrant with window tint.

If you live in Denver, fade prevention window tint is one of the smartest investments you can make to protect your home and family. Having your home windows tinted now could save you hundreds of dollars in making repairs to your home or replacing furniture. Window tint blocks out 99.9% of uv radiation, protecting the interior of your home as well as any items inside that may be prone to fading such as:

  • Hardwood
  • Carpet & Rugs
  • Artwork
  • Window coverings

Prevent fading in your home before it’s too late. Contact Denver Home Window Tinting to schedule an appointment to have fade prevention window tint installed for your Denver, Colorado home or get more information about the window tinting options available for your home and family. Call now to get started.