Help Prevent Furniture Fading In Denver Homes with Residential Window Film

July 16, 2019 in Residential Window Film, UV Protection Tint

One thing that’s great about living in Denver is that there’s no shortage of sunshine. Sure, we have our fair share of snowy weather. But most of the year, our days are filled with bright, sunny weather.

But while you may enjoy all the sunlight, unfortunately your furniture does not. Sunlight and fabric simply don’t mix. And without some sort of uv protection, you can bet that any furniture or flooring near your windows will fade quickly.

But don’t worry. There’s a super quick and easy way to solve this problem. Homeowners in Denver can install residential window film to prevent fading and prolong the life and value of furniture and flooring.

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Elegant Ways to Add Privacy to Your Denver Home using Residential Decorative Window Film

June 11, 2019 in Residential Window Film

There are so many wonderful things about living in Denver, but unfortunately, seclusion is not one of them. Every day, it seems like our beloved city is becoming more packed and populated. Finding privacy in such a busy city can be difficult, but we have a solution that may help. Residential decorative window film can help Denver homeowners create privacy for their living space and obtain peace of mind.

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Privacy Without Sacrificing Style With Decorative Window Film On Your Denver Condo

June 6, 2019 in Aggrigate, Decorative Window Film

Decorative Window Film For Your Denver Condo

Living in a condo, especially here in Denver is now something more attainable than ever. This is because we have seen such enormous growth in the past few years and a lot of these types of units added to inventory. That’s a great thing too since there are so many benefits to buying a condo. Condos cost less than a house for one and they also allow you to live in bustling city centers. Plus, they often come with extras like a pool area or gym. Of course, one major issue with condos is that privacy is hard to come by. This is because condo units are built so close together and often face one another. However, that doesn’t have to mean buying your dream condo here in Denver should be ruled out quite yet. In fact, there is a cost-effective and convenient fix for adding privacy without sacrificing style using decorative window film.

Decorative Window Film For Interior Privacy In Denver Condos

When it comes to condo living, having a whole bunch of glass fixtures like doors, windows and cabinet fronts is common. It is stylish and cost-effective for developers to build them this way. But simple, clear glass everywhere provides little to no cover for showers, dividers, and cabinets and really can be a little one-note. Decorative window film allows you to create a unique look and feel on your home’s glass decor by offering you endless choices of lovely patterns, textures, gradients, and specialty treatments.

  • Shield views on glass shower doors by adding patterns or playing with color
  • Hide clutter or refresh the style of a room with window film on glass cabinet doors
  • Give old furniture a new life by adding decorative window film to glass tabletops

Decorative Window Film For Exterior Privacy In Denver Condos

Another fantastic application for decorative window film on Denver condos is obscuring views of your condo from your very nice but very near neighbors. Decorative window film gives you as little or as much privacy as you want in areas like bedroom windows, bathroom windows, and front doors. And, once again, since there are so many styles, colors, and textures to choose from, you will definitely find a look all your own. Additionally, having window film installed on the glass windows and doors of your Denver home is significantly more cost-effective than having real textured glass installed but looks exactly the same.
For more information on to get the chic look of decorative window film for your Denver condo–contact us at Denver Home Window Tinting today!

Liquid Nano Tint For Those Hard To Tint Places

May 21, 2019 in Aggrigate, Energy Efficient Window Tinting

Liquid Nano Tint For Those Hard To Tint Places

When it comes to solar control, there are some places that are simply hard to deal with.  This includes glass that is shaped irregularly like domed or textured glass but also extends to glass that is historical that may not take easily to film.  Liquid NanoTint is a solar control product that is perfect for these types of areas in your Denver home because it is unlike any other on the market today. What makes this product so unique and effective for your Denver home its unique application process.  You see, Liquid NanoTint can be applied where window film simply cannot. A solvent-borne, 10 micron thick clear coat, this product is painted (or sprayed) onto surfaces and bonds directly to glass and polycarbonate. So while it is great for single-pane glass it really shines as a solar control product for surfaces that cannot take film: bent glass, historic building windows, skylights and textured glass surfaces.  Although technically not a film product it performs exactly the same way:

  • Blocking 99.9% of Ultraviolet (UV) rays
  • Blocking 95% of Infrared (IR) rays
  • Allowing 85% of Visible Light
  • Reducing  seasonal heating/cooling costs

Since it is also cost-effective, Liquid Nano Tint has a speedy an ROI like most window films.  Plus, it comes with a 10-year warranty. However, there is with little to zero chance of it ever peeling, chipping or cracking. Plus it is environmentally friendly and safe for the health of your family since it has no off-gassing after it has dried.

For more information on Liquid Nano Tint for your Denver home or business, contact us at Denver Home Window Tinting today!

Top Three Reasons 3M Is The Right Window Film For Your Denver Home

May 14, 2019 in Aggrigate, Residential Window Film

3M Window Film In Denver Homes

Let’s be honest–when it comes to being in your home–comfort is always the goal. Not just here and there but in every room in your house, any time of day, all year round. This is why 3M window film is a smart idea for any homeowner who craves comfort. Not only are these films modern and lovely in appearance but they come in varying levels of light transmissions to fit any personal tastes. 3M window films are affordable and a smart investment for Denver homeowners that want to enjoy their home more and save money doing it.

3M Window Film Eliminates Hot And Cold Spots

By reflecting and dispersing heat back into the rooms of your home, you are able to cut back or even eliminate hot and cold spots in your Denver home. 3M window films regulate the temperatures perfectly across your entire home. S you stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer and save money on energy costs with the incredible insulating properties of 3M window film.

3M Window Film Reduces Glare

Glare through windows makes comfort in your Denver home a difficult endeavor. If you are dealing with glare issues, as many people in “The Mile High City” are prone to, don’t despair–there are any number of window films by 3M™ specifically for solar control. These amazing films control light completely so day in and day out you can enjoy your favorite rooms free of glare and discomfort.

3M Window Film Blocks Harmful UV Rays

3M window film allows you to filter the rays of light shining through your Denver home’s windows so you can enjoy the natural light you love with no ill effects. With 3M window film, you stay fully protected because it blocks 99% of harmful UV rays. Keep your skin and eyes protected against certain cancers and also slow the fading of your furnishings when you choose 3M window film for your Denver home.

For more information on 3M window film for your Denver home or commercial space, contact us and speak with one of our experts here at Denver Home Window Tinting today!

A Closer Look at the Energy Saving Benefits of 3M Window Film for Denver Homes

April 27, 2019 in Energy Efficient Window Tinting

Do you ever feel like your efforts to minimize your home’s energy costs is a constant battle? If your lot is situated in a sunny area without a lot of trees or certain rooms of your home get a lot of afternoon sun, you may feel like you’re constantly at war with climbing temperatures and electricity costs.

Keeping energy costs minimal without sacrificing your comfort is like a game of tug-of-war. Being comfortable means paying the price of a high utility bill but in order to save money, you have to put up with the heat. It’s like you have to pick the lesser of two evils, whichever that is.

But what if there was a way you could stay comfortable without spending a ton of money? Guess, what there is! By installing 3M Window Film for your Denver home, you can dramatically reduce your energy costs and improve your indoor comfort.

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A Closer Look at the Energy Saving Benefits of 3M Window Film for Denver Homes

April 15, 2019 in Aggrigate, Energy Efficient Window Tinting

3M Window Film For Peak Home Energy Efficiency In Denver Homes

Living in Denver is amazing for many reasons–beautiful mountain scenery, lots of jobs and a relaxed lifestyle you only find here in Colorado.  Another great part of life here? Four lovely seasons to enjoy every year. While the cold and snow of winter and the plentitude of summer sun are great, they do mean that those of us who live here really need to take a look at the energy efficiency of our homes. In fact, not doing so could cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in energy loss. 3M Window film is a solution that conserves energy and a way for you to keep your Denver home running efficiently to save you money.

3M Window Film Energy Efficiency Benefits

Energy Efficient Window Film Increases The Comfort Of Your Denver Home

One of the best things about 3M window film is– it keeps the temperatures in your Denver home even.  This means no more hot and cold spots or indoor temperatures that are too hot or too cold. Replacing drafty windows that leech your home’s treated air is expensive.  Installing 3M window film, on the other hand, is a way to get all the benefits of new windows–allowing for an insulation value on your single pane window of close to that of a double pane window.  

Energy Efficient Window Film Keeps Your Denver Home Warmer In Winter

When your windows are properly insulated with 3M window film technology, the air you pay to heat is trapped inside, where it belongs–and your home stays toasty and warm.  This also means your heater runs less frequently which lowers your bills in the winter quite a bit.

3M Window Film Reduces Cooling Costs In Your Denver Home

Not only does 3M Window Film does the same thing for the air you pay to cool in the summer–traps it inside.  However, it also reduces hot spots in your home by blocking out Denver’s intense sun rays and reducing the solar heat gain on your windows.  Beyond energy savings, 3M window film also more or less cuts out the need for shades and blinds keeping your lovely Denver mountain views intact.

For more information on 3M window film for your Denver home, contact us at Denver Home Window Tinting in today!

Is 3M Thinsulate Window Film the Right Solution for Your Denver Home?

April 3, 2019 in Aggrigate, Energy Efficient Window Tinting

Have you noticed high energy costs for your Denver home? While summer AC costs are always a given, many homes throughout Colorado experience significant heating costs as well. Keeping your home comfortable all year long may seem difficult without the high price tag. The lack of energy efficiency in your home is largely attributed to your windows and siding. Did you know that 30% of your heating and cooling costs go right out the window? 3M Thinsulate Window Film delivers the solution that your property needs.

The Advantages of 3M Thinsulate Window Film for Your Denver Home

3M Thinsulate Window Film is a specialty energy efficient window film designed for properties that experience cold climates. Perfect for Denver homes, 3M Thinsulate Window Film offers a thick layer of insulation for your existing glass doors and windows. By insulating your windows, all of your heating efforts are optimized and stay within your home. During summer months, the solar heat gain rejection properties offer a great solution for lowering AC costs while keeping your property comfortable. 3M Thinsulate Window Film has great UV blocking capacities as well, providing SPF 1000 for your home. Denver experiences a higher rate of UV radiation due to our elevation, requiring a fade protection solution for our properties.

3M™ Thinsulate™ Window Film for Denver Properties from Denver Window Tinting on Vimeo.

Work with the 3M Thinsulate Window Film Experts

Denver Home Window Tinting is honored to be the experts in 3M Thinsulate Window Film. We understand the specific weather conditions here that dictate certain window film needs– work with energy efficiency experts for a complimentary in-home consultation. We also provide energy audits for those looking for exact ROIs and money-saving opportunities. As the trusted authorized 3M installer in Denver, we have the largest inventory of 3M residential window films.

For more information regarding 3M Thinsulate Window Film for your Denver home, please contact us!

Huper Optik Provides Long-Lasting Solutions for Denver Businesses

March 6, 2019 in Aggrigate, Commercial Window Film

Huper Optik: An Industry Leader in Commercial Window Films

As a Denver business owner, you seek solutions to problems and issues that arise on a daily basis. Therefore, when you find a solution that works–you want it to last. So when thinking about installing window film to help with a variety of issues from solar control to security, you want a window film that will go the distance. For smart business owners like you, the window film of choice is Huper-Optik. A world leader in window film and tinting technology, Huper Optik also fills a variety of niches when it comes to the glass windows, doors and walls of your Denver Commercial Space.

Why Huper Optik Is The Right Choice For Denver Commercial Use

The sun in Denver is hot. At a mile-high here in Denver and across the Front Range, we have issues that many other cities do not. Which is why Hüper Optik window film, which offers a complete line of commercial window films to help solve your energy efficiency and solar control needs is a great choice. Plus they offer performance-based films and tints based on the exact glass specifications of your windows and doors.

Furthermore, Hüper Optik Commercial Window films stand behind their products offering offer

  • Reduced loads on HVAC
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Improved glazing performance
  • No Change on the aesthetics of your building

But probably most importantly is the fact that their products are durable and will stand up to the Denver sun for years to come. But, you don’t just have to take their word for it either because Huper Optik offers an industry leading manufacturer’s warranty. That is confidence you can count on!

For more information and pricing for Huper Optik window films for your Denver Commercial space, contact us at Denver Home Window Tinting today!



Security Film for Your Denver Home Protects Pets & Prevents Scratching

February 20, 2019 in Residential Window Film, Safety And Security Window Film

As humans, there’s nothing that we love more than our furry companions. But as much as we adore them, there’s no denying some problematic behaviors. If you have a rambunctious pet that gets excited when they see animals or people outside or scratches the door, you may benefit from installing security film for your Denver home.

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