Learn More About CoolVu’s Innovative Window Film Solutions for Denver Homes

March 21, 2019 in Energy Efficient Window Tinting

Denver may be known for its great skiing and high snowfall, but that doesn’t mean things don’t heat up here during the summer time. The summer months in Denver can be intense, with temperatures often reaching into the high 90’s. If you have rooms in your home that are located in sunny spots, you may find that they absorb a lot of heat during the summer, which not only makes them uncomfortable but also raises your utility costs. By installing CoolVu Window Films for your Denver, Colorado home, you can keep your home cool and comfortable during the summer and conserve energy.

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Huper Optik Provides Long-Lasting Solutions for Denver Businesses

March 6, 2019 in Aggrigate, Commercial Window Film

Huper Optik: An Industry Leader in Commercial Window Films

As a Denver business owner, you seek solutions to problems and issues that arise on a daily basis. Therefore, when you find a solution that works–you want it to last. So when thinking about installing window film to help with a variety of issues from solar control to security, you want a window film that will go the distance. For smart business owners like you, the window film of choice is Huper-Optik. A world leader in window film and tinting technology, Huper Optik also fills a variety of niches when it comes to the glass windows, doors and walls of your Denver Commercial Space.

Why Huper Optik Is The Right Choice For Denver Commercial Use

The sun in Denver is hot. At a mile-high here in Denver and across the Front Range, we have issues that many other cities do not. Which is why Hüper Optik window film, which offers a complete line of commercial window films to help solve your energy efficiency and solar control needs is a great choice. Plus they offer performance-based films and tints based on the exact glass specifications of your windows and doors.

Furthermore, Hüper Optik Commercial Window films stand behind their products offering offer

  • Reduced loads on HVAC
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Improved glazing performance
  • No Change on the aesthetics of your building

But probably most importantly is the fact that their products are durable and will stand up to the Denver sun for years to come. But, you don’t just have to take their word for it either because Huper Optik offers an industry leading manufacturer’s warranty. That is confidence you can count on!

For more information and pricing for Huper Optik window films for your Denver Commercial space, contact us at Denver Home Window Tinting today!



Security Film for Your Denver Home Protects Pets & Prevents Scratching

February 20, 2019 in Residential Window Film, Safety And Security Window Film

As humans, there’s nothing that we love more than our furry companions. But as much as we adore them, there’s no denying some problematic behaviors. If you have a rambunctious pet that gets excited when they see animals or people outside or scratches the door, you may benefit from installing security film for your Denver home.

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Safety And Security Films: Protects Your Denver Home In More Ways Than One!

February 12, 2019 in Aggrigate, Safety And Security Window Film

The Many Ways Window Film Keeps Denver Homes Safer

Window film is notable because of its many benefits including things like energy savings to glare reduction.  However, it is also a well-known and extremely effective way to keep homes safe. The ways in which window film works to keep your Denver home safer are copious and wildly different from one another.  One thing each safety benefit has in common is–they provide a more secure environment for your family to thrive in. These diverse protective benefits make window film well worth the cost of having it installed and consistently puts it among one of the most beneficial home improvements money can bu.  To find out more about the incredible ways window film keeps you safer in your Denver home read them below.

Home Window Film For Home Invasion Protection

Safety & Security Films are very powerful against home invasion.  They are designed to make the window glass more shatter-resistant, similar to laminated glass and this is why they are so effective.  If an intruder trie to break a window in your home, the broken glass remains firmly attached to the film–meaning the window cannot be easily penetrated and the would-be thief cannot enter your home without substantial efforts and time.  

Home Window Film As A Safety Glass Alternative

Building codes today often require tempered or laminated glass in “dangerous” areas” prone to dangerous slip and fall accidents: glass doors, bathroom glass, windows on balconies or at the bottom of staircases. When remodeling your home you often need to bring these areas up to code and replacing the glass with tempered glass is expensive! Window film, on the other hand, is a cost-effective and suitable workaround for installing tempered or laminated glass.

Home Window Film For Sun Protection

The research from scientist and health professionals is increasingly  linking UV rays to many negative health outcomes such as:

  • premature skin aging and wrinkles
  • Collagen damage
  • Skin cancer
  • Eye cancer and disease

So, the untreated windows in your Denver home, which let in caustic rays from the sun could be adding increased and needless risks to your family –because glass alone will not stop UV rays.  Window film, which blocks 99.9% of harmful rays (including UVA and UVB) and offers the same protection as an SPF 2000 sunscreen is a solid way to protect you and your family from deadly diseases stemming from the sun.

Window Film For Natural Disaster Protection

Here in Denver, we get a lot of powerful storms from not only hail but the occasional tornado and even, hurricane force winds.  Having window film applied greatly reduces the risk of injury from natural disasters and storms by preventing flying shards of broken glass, and also inhibits debris and water penetration through the windows.

For more information on window film to make your Denver home safer, contact us at Denver Home Window Tinting today!

See the power of security film for yourself below in this video:

Does Energy Efficient Window Tint Have to Change the Look of My Denver Home’s Windows?

February 7, 2019 in Aggrigate, Energy Efficient Window Tinting

When many homeowners begin their journey to look for energy efficient solutions, they often find window replacement to be the best option. While this may be true with effectiveness, window replacement is a major renovation that requires both time and money. Homeowners tend to find window tinting next up on the list of energy efficient options but can be turned off by the fact that many window tints change the appearance of their windows. Energy efficient window film is actually available in countless optically clear options that provide the same, effective energy savings while providing an invisible look.

Energy Efficient Window Film Benefits for Denver Homes

Energy efficient window film does not have to change the appearance of your windows. Homeowners can pick from optically clear choices to various ranges of reflective hues and finishes. Accomplishing energy efficiency doesn’t have to compromise the appearance of your windows. Energy efficient window film is the best alternative to window replacement since it is a much quicker installation process (it can be completed in less than a day) and window film costs significantly less than window replacement. Energy efficient window film also has exceptional UV protection and glare reduction properties that both defend and make your home more comfortable. UV protection is necessary here in Colorado– our higher elevation increases our exposure, making it vital to have a solution for your home.

3M™ Sun Control Window Film for Denver Homes from Denver Home Window Tinting on Vimeo.

Energy Audits for Your Denver Home

Denver Home Window Tinting is the expert in energy savings. Our goal is to help homeowners save as much as possible while lowering the global amount of carbon emissions. We provide in-home energy audits that evaluate your energy usage while providing the best window film recommendations as well as expected ROI.

For more information regarding energy efficient window film for your Denver home, please contact us!


Make 2019 the Year Your Denver Home Becomes More Energy Efficient with Window Film Installation

February 1, 2019 in Energy Efficient Window Tinting, Residential Window Film

The new year is finally here and that means it’s the perfect time to start thinking about making your home as energy efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. It should come as no surprise that Denver weather can change in an instant. And the more you protect your home from the changing conditions outside, the lower your energy costs will be. Installing energy efficient window film is a great place to start. Here’s why:

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How to Make Your Denver Home Feel Private, Safe and Beautiful with Window Film

January 30, 2019 in Aggrigate, Decorative Window Film

Decorative Window Film For Denver Homes

Your home is your kingdom and you want it to look good and you want to feel great when you are in it.  We have talked about the practical functions of window film a lot like energy savings and glare reduction but the fact of the matter is–window film has a lot of aesthetic value as well.  In fact, we are seeing more and more Denver clients coming to us looking for window film as a decorative solution to their home design needs. Read below to find out more about where homeowners in Denver are using decorative window film and the way it is benefiting them

Decorative Window Film In Bathrooms For Privacy And Safety

Window film is a great way to add dazzling style to your Denver bathroom, while at the same time making it safer. It works great on the glass in showers, making the glass equivalent to tempered glass while still providing as little or as much privacy as you want for your glass shower doors

Decorative Window Film On Glass Cabinets

Glass cupboards are all the rage right now but the only issue with these is–they show any and all clutter or mismatched dishes to your guests.  Decorative window film is perfect for this type of area in your Denver home. You can play with textures and patterns to spruce up the style of your kitchen, while at the same time giving enough cover to the contents of your cabinets to keep things looking tidy.

Decorative Window Film On Exposed Windows

It is great to have a view from your windows to enjoy your neighborhood but the problem with keeping the curtains or blinds drawn so you can see out is–other people can see in.  Decorative window film is a great way to obscure as little or as much of the view from the outside in, while still allowing in some scenery for you to enjoy or simply just some natural light.

For more information on decorative window film for your Denver home contact us at Denver Home Window Tinting today!


Creative Ways Decorative Window Film Can Add Value to Your Denver Home

January 7, 2019 in Aggrigate, Decorative Window Film

It is always a great time to invest in your home, especially here in Denver. With a largely active scene that has been a seller’s market in recent years, finding ways to further increase resale value is always a plus. Many homeowners love the idea of improving and reinvesting in their properties, but don’t want to undergo significant renovations throughout the year. For those looking for low key renovations that are cost-effective, creative, and equity building, decorative window film is the perfect residential project for you.

Advantages of Decorative Window Film for Your Denver Home

Decorative window film has so many different applications throughout your home. From gorgeous bathroom additions to productive office usages, homeowners can add beautiful decor in numerous ways. With endless frosted and etched glass films, homeowners can achieve the look of expensive glass at a fraction of the price. Perfect for showers, studies, dens, and more, decorative privacy films provide an elegant look while offering seclusion. Blackboard and whiteboard decorative films are available for home offices, kid’s rooms, kitchens, and other areas that require creative usage of space for productivity. All of these unique design ideas can really heighten resale value by catching potential buyer’s eyes.

Denver Home Window Tinting: 3M™ Window Film, Hudson Case Study Full Video from Denver Home Window Tinting on Vimeo.

Design Process for Decorative Window Film in Denver Homes

Denver Home Window Tinting is happy to help you through the design process. Whether you’d like to create custom decorative film that reflects a family crest or treasured design or you’d like help finding the right aesthetic among pre-designed decorative films, we’ve got you covered. Our design experts have created beautiful custom residential decorative films and can help guide you through your own process. With the largest inventory of decorative window films, we ensure you’ll find something that perfectly complements your home.

For more information regarding decorative window film for your Denver home, please contact us!

Keep Cold Temperatures Away This Winter with 3M Residential Window Film for Colorado Homes

January 7, 2019 in Energy Efficient Window Tinting

Winter can bring some serious cold to the Denver Metro area. While your furnace may be able to keep the interior of your house toasty warm, it also means you’ll be paying hundreds in energy bills over the course of the season. Luckily, there’s a simple way to improve your home’s energy efficiency while keeping the space warmer even during those crazy winter storms: residential window film. Here’s how 3M residential window film can help keep your Colorado home warm this winter.

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Keep Your Denver Home Warm This Winter with Llumar Residential Window Film

December 12, 2018 in Aggrigate, Energy Efficient Window Tinting

How Window Film Impacts The Temperature of Your Denver home

When winter comes to Denver can be a lion or lamb but this year it is looking like it is going to be a chilly one.  This is why, although we live in a fairly temperate climate here in Denver most of the year, this winter is a time we could use a bit of extra protection from the cold. As it were, the part of your home that is likely the culprit of making your Denver home chilly in the winter is your glass windows and door.   Massive amounts of heat escape from here in the winter and cooled air in the summer. It makes sense that treating these windows is a good place to begin towards your goal of staying warm and toasty. A good product to begin with as well is Llumar Residential Window Film. It is a powerful, proven technology that is a cost-effective way to accomplish home winterization.  Why? Find out below.

Window Film Insulates A Home’s Glass

Intelligent, Low-E  Llumar window film technology is made for temperate regions, just like Colorado, that experience all four seasons.   It combines insulating and heat-rejecting properties to make sure homes stay comfortable indoors and it also helps reduce energy bills all year-round.  Essentially it acts as a powerful extra layer of insulation on your Denver home–making single pane windows insulate like double and double pane like triple pane–at a fraction of the cost of window replacement.

Window Film Blocks UV Rays And Stops Solar Heat Gain

By lowering solar heat gain, solar control window films keeps indoor temperatures in your Denver home more stable and consistent the result of which is a more comfortable warm home in the winter and a cooler home in the summer.  It also means heating and cooling systems run less–using less energy and saving you on utility bills as well. In addition, window films block up to 98% of the UV rays that come into your home, protecting your furniture from fading and your skin and eyes from UV rays which could cause cancer with too much exposure.

For more information on how to keep your Denver home warmer in 2019 and beyond, contact us at Denver Home Window Tinting Denver today!

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