Denver is a pretty safe city to live in and raise a family.  But, like any city in the US, crime is still an issue. The biggest crime that residents of Denver face are break-ins to their homes.  A way to protect against this is with security window film. It is a way to slow down or stop an intruder altogether. It works because it takes multiple blows to penetrate which often deters burglars.  But, as you will see, there are other benefits to security window film for Denver homes as well.

Additional Benefits of Security Film for Denver homeowners

Security film is a powerful way to protect your home from crimes of theft and there are a bunch of other important benefits from these films too.

Security Film Protects From Accidents in Homes

Any area in your Denver home with glass in it has the potential for an unfortunate accident. Glass by staircases, showers, pools or very large plate glass windows are all intrinsically dangerous.  Should someone fall into them–they could sustain life-threatening injuries. When security and safety window film is applied to these windows it keeps glass safely adhered to the film. It works so well that security films can be used as a workaround for tempered glass to bring your home up to code.

Security Film Protects From Natural Disasters

When a natural disaster strikes,  one of the biggest sources of injury to humans is from glass.  From tornados to earthquakes– glass tends to break during natural disasters. Typically it explodes outward and harms bystanders.  Not when the glass is treated with security window film though. The glass stays safely adhered to these films in tiny shards where it cannot hurt anyone.

Security Film Protects from UV Exposure

Most people don’t realize that the rays of the sun beaming into their homes can be a cause of illness and disease.  From migraines to melanomas–unchecked UV rays are a real danger. Security window film blocks 99.9 % of these rays from entering into your home.  Keeping your family healthier and better protected from some types of skin and eye cancers.

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