How Much Does It Cost To Tint Home Windows?

January 24, 2020 in Aggrigate, Window Film Pricing

The pricing for window film is often given in averages. If you google the cost films, for instance, you will usually see something like “ average for the cost for residential window tinting was about $5 to $8 per square foot”. This makes it hard to get an idea of the price of a film that is right for your Denver home because a lot depends on what type of film you buy. To get a better idea of how much window film costs we have provided a cost range for the films homeowners use the most.

Window Tinting Prices for 2020

The phrases window tint or window film are pretty generic terms. Since window film is almost always bought for a specific purpose, and the price of film varies greatly from function to function. So a security film may cost $16 a solar film may only cost $10. Therefore it is important to price window film based on the film to fit your Denver home’s needs.  

The top 4 window films for homes:

  • Solar Control Window Film
  • Decorative Window Film
  • Privacy Film
  • Safety and Security Window Film

Since these films account for more than 75% of home window film, you will likely be installing one of these in your home.

Below is a price range for each:

Solar Control Window Film: Spectrally selective films are used to reduce heat, glare, and UV radiation in a home. The cost of this type of film usually ranges from $9-18 p/SF 

Decorative Window Films: Decorative and frosted films are great for adding custom decor or privacy to rooms. Decorative films range from $6-12 p/SF *Custom decorative film could increase the cost past this range.  

Privacy Window Tints: These tints keep people outside from seeing in your home and help with glare as well. The cost of a typical privacy tint is about $5-$15 p/SF **High-end reflective films and/or smart films could increase the cost well past this range

Safety and Security Window Film: These films help prevent robberies and gives your family peace of mind. This means glass windows and doors that are protected with film are more resistant to penetration. And correspondingly burglary. Security film ranges from $8-16 p/SF *Attachment systems cost an additional $2-5/LFT.

**All the window film costs above do not include the added cost for installation which typically ranges from $2-$5 p/SF.  

The Complexity of a Window Tint Project Can Affect The Price

The prices we listed are influenced by the size of the project, the difficulty of installation or added scope to the work. For instance, a door with a lot of French panes may require additional charges. Hard to reach windows may carry an extra charge too. If a client requires furniture to be moved blinds taken down, many window film companies will charge an additional fee. These are important things to know going into a project to avoid any surprises.

It is important to understand the cost of your window tinting job will vary from space to space, installer to installer and film to film. Therefore, the best way to get precise pricing on window tint for your Denver windows is to reach out to us here at Denver Home Window Tinting for a free, onsite estimate today!