How Do I Stop Birds From Flying Into My Denver Home Windows?

September 1, 2020 in Aggrigate, Bird Strike Prevention Films

Bird strikes on windows are a very common problem worldwide.  In fact, over a billion birds are killed each year by these tragic accidents.  It is especially common in the commercial sector because of the size and breadth of the windows on these structures.  However, what many people don’t know is that birds run into home windows too.  This is a shame since here in Denver we have many wonderful birds to watch and many of us even set up feeders and baths so we can enjoy them in our yard.  This, sadly, brings birds closer to our home windows and therefore closer to danger.  The good news is–there is a way to keep birds from flying into the windows in your backyard so you can enjoy these lovely creatures and know they are safe.

Making Windows Visible to Birds

As it turns out, the reason birds run into the windows of Denver homes is because they can’t see them.  To a bird, the reflection of the sky in windows is indecipherable from the actual sky.  Therefore, they fly into windows believing it is open air.  So. the key to stopping birds from flying into home windows is making them visible to the birds.  This can be done with bird safety decals. 

What Are Bird Safety Decals?

Sometimes called fretted films or birdstrike films these revolutionary “decals” keep birds from collisions with windows.   Essentially they are clear films that cover your entire window.  They are embedded with a tiny dotted pattern visible to birds.  These dots are barely visible to humans but the birds perceive them as objects in the way of their flight–like a fence or netting.  The dots are spaced so that birds will not try to fly through the pattern either.  This means our avian friends avoid the windows and are safe enjoying the birdfeed and baths you put out for them.  Plus, you get some of the benefits of window film for your home like UV protection–a real win-win.

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