The internet is full of information and, while a lot of it is useful, not all of it is true. If you’ve been looking into window film for your Denver home, you may have come across some articles that warn against it due to the potential for glass breakage. If you’ve never had your windows tinted before, this may cause some concern. But does window film actually break glass? Below, we’ve discussed the matter in detail.


Can Window Film Break Glass or Damage Windows?

Window films have a great ROI and can make a tremendous difference in the comfort and energy efficiency of a home. Yet many homeowners shy away from them because they’re worried about how the film will affect the glass. They’ve ever read false information online or are scared about voiding their window manufacturer’s warranty. But, in reality, the odds of it actually happening are extremely low.

If the right film is used and is compatible with the particular type of windows you have, you shouldn’t have to worry about it doing any damage. Trained professionals know how to install window film properly without ruining the glass or compromising manufacturer warranties. The staff at Denver Home Window Tinting is extremely well-versed in such matters.


Thermal Stress & Glass Breakage

Sometimes, if the wrong type of window film is used, it can cause something called thermal stress. Thermal stress occurs when glass is exposed to extreme temperatures. When parts of the glass are hotter than others and there’s an extreme temperature difference, the glass can crack.

That’s why all window films made today come with glass compatibility charts. These charts help installers decide which films and glass profiles are compatible with one another. So long as the right window film is installed on your Denver home, you should be able to avoid glass breakage caused by thermal stress.


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