Did you know that UV radiation can be more intensive during the winter months? UV rays bounce off of snow on the ground and directly into homes and businesses. With high UV radiation year-round due to our elevation, having an effective protectant is crucial. In order to keep your property safe from permanent sun damage, UV protection is key. UV blocking window film offers a comprehensive solution for keeping Denver properties safe from sun damage and more.

The Benefits of UV Blocking Window Film for Your Denver Property

  1. Comprehensive fade protection: UV protection window film works by blocking both UVA and UVB rays. It also has solar heat rejection technology for blocking out heat which also plays a role in sun damage. By blocking out 99.9% of harmful UV rays, this innovative film product can keep your furniture, flooring, window treatments, art, and any other expensive valuables in the best condition possible.
  2. Health protectant: The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends installing this type of window film in all residential and commercial properties to help minimize skin cancer concerns. Overexposure to UV radiation can significantly increase your risk for immune system suppression, skin cancer, cataracts, premature aging, and more. Keep building occupants healthy even when they forget to wear sunscreen indoors.
  3. Other exclusive benefits: Window film can also deliver other great, exclusive benefits ranging from glare reduction to energy efficiency. Both residential and commercial property owners can find incredible, multi-faceted solutions for improving property function.

Work With Denver’s First-Rated UV Blocking Window Film Contactor

Denver Home Window Tinting is honored to be the first-rated UV blocking window film contractor serving the state of Colorado. Our LEED-certified team is happy to help you find the perfect UV protection option for your home or business. For more information regarding our various window film options, please contact us!