Window film is still on the up and coming– it’s not necessarily common knowledge for most. When homeowners and business owners start looking into window film, they are often bombarded with an overwhelming section of window film products. So, is all window film the same? What should consumers be looking for? There are so many different applications, types, manufacturers, and benefits that customers will need to understand before finding the right product for their property. Here is a window film guide for beginners:

Window Film Guide for Denver Residential and Commercial Properties

  • Window film applications: Window film can be applied architecturally and on vehicles. The majority of window film has to be applied to windows or glass. However, there are exterior buildings wraps and surface films that can be applied to brick and other smooth, nonporous surfaces.
  • Window film material: Most window film is made from polyester but some manufacturers produce metalized films and ceramic films. The material of your film is important in regards to aesthetics and effectiveness– metalized films will have a reflective look.
  • Window film manufacturers: Each manufacturer has their own various product lines with different features and benefits. Working with a window film contractor can help you choose the best option for your property.
  • Window film benefits: Window film benefits can include energy conservation, privacy, decorative, UV protection, daylight redirecting, glare reduction, safety and security, and much more.

Work with Denver’s Window Film Guide Experts

Denver Home Window Tinting is proud the be the window film guide experts serving the Denver metro area. Window film can provide the benefits you need for a better functioning property. We’re happy to help you navigate all the different window film products available in today’s market.

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