When many homeowners begin their journey to look for energy efficient solutions, they often find window replacement to be the best option. While this may be true with effectiveness, window replacement is a major renovation that requires both time and money. Homeowners tend to find window tinting next up on the list of energy efficient options but can be turned off by the fact that many window tints change the appearance of their windows. Energy efficient window film is actually available in countless optically clear options that provide the same, effective energy savings while providing an invisible look.

Energy Efficient Window Film Benefits for Denver Homes

Energy efficient window film does not have to change the appearance of your windows. Homeowners can pick from optically clear choices to various ranges of reflective hues and finishes. Accomplishing energy efficiency doesn’t have to compromise the appearance of your windows. Energy efficient window film is the best alternative to window replacement since it is a much quicker installation process (it can be completed in less than a day) and window film costs significantly less than window replacement. Energy efficient window film also has exceptional UV protection and glare reduction properties that both defend and make your home more comfortable. UV protection is necessary here in Colorado– our higher elevation increases our exposure, making it vital to have a solution for your home.

3M™ Sun Control Window Film for Denver Homes from Denver Home Window Tinting on Vimeo.

Energy Audits for Your Denver Home

Denver Home Window Tinting is the expert in energy savings. Our goal is to help homeowners save as much as possible while lowering the global amount of carbon emissions. We provide in-home energy audits that evaluate your energy usage while providing the best window film recommendations as well as expected ROI.

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