As the hot summer months are upon us here in Denver, many homeowners are looking for energy efficient solutions to alleviate high energy costs in order to remain comfortable all year-round. Denver homes are under a lot stress due to Colorado’s weather extremes making it difficult to save money and maintain proper internal temperatures. Did you know that around 25%-25% of energy is lost through inefficient windows? Homeowners trying to solve the energy efficiency issue have to choose between window tinting and low-e window replacement.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Window Tinting vs. Low-E Window Replacement in Denver Homes

Window tinting and low-e window replacement both have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages, making it pertinent for Denver homeowners to understand the differences prior to installation. Energy efficient window film features quicker installation time, quicker ROI, and similar effectiveness when it comes to energy savings. Window film is also a more affordable investment when compared to low-e window replacement. Low-e window replacement does take significantly longer to install often resulting in unforeseen costs and downtime. Low-e window replacement also has a longer ROI period and similar energy savings.

Installation Process for Energy Efficient Window Film for Your Denver Home

For budget-conscious Denver homeowners, window film is often a smarter financial choice for energy efficiency. The quicker install and ROI period as well as lower upfront financial investment makes window film a more desirable choice. We can complete entire-home installs within hours, ensuring your home will experience a more comfortable living environment. We incorporate C-Bond, a glass strengthening agent, for quicker cure and install times as well as added glass strength. Denver Home Window Tinting is looking forward to working with you on your next project just in time for the hottest summer months.

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