Growing up, we’re taught to put on sunblock before we go outside to protect our skin from the sun. Uv rays from the sun cause cellular mutations that lead to skin cancer and other diseases. But that doesn’t mean that the sunlight is bad for your health all around. In fact, there are many ways that the sun affects our bodies, both good and bad.

We’re exposed to the sun when we’re both outside and indoors. During our time spent inside at work or at home, our skin and eyes still make contact with the sun coming in through windows. This can have both good and bad implications for your family’s health. But how do you keep the bad rays of sunlight out while allowing the healthy rays of sunlight in?

We have a solution for Denver homeowners. Installing window film can help keep uv radiation out of your home while increasing the presence of the natural light your family wants and needs.

How Sunlight Affects Your Family’s Health

There are various ways that your family’s health is affected by the sun, both good and bad. Below, we’ve outlined just a few as examples.

Emotions – Sunlight stimulates the release of serotonin, the chemical in our brains responsible for putting us in a good mood

Heart health – Sunlight contains Vitamin D, which is essential for having a healthy heart. Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to cardiovascular disease and skin cancer

Lungs – Uv rays stimulate the production of smog forming chemicals in the air, which are known to lead to serious lung issues

Eye health – Uv rays can damage your cornea and retinas and cause numerous eye diseases

Maintain the Right Balance of Sunlight with Window Film

Window film helps you control which types of light enter your home. Uv rays, which are known for being health harming, are blocked by the film while visible light is allowed to pass through. By installing window film, you can keep your family happy, healthy, and enjoy the beauty of the sunlight in your home.

Protect Your Denver Home & Family with Window Film

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