Living at a Mile High has its costs. And for many Denver homeowners, living expenses go beyond the extraordinary rental rates. Due to the altitude and warm, dry climate, it’s common for many homes in Denver to experience extreme temperature fluctuations. Specifically, costs of living go up especially high during the summer, when energy usage goes up because of air conditioning.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution for these energy efficiency issues: window film. Understanding the factors that cause your home’s temperature to fluctuate and how window film can help can reduce your energy costs.

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What Causes Temperatures to Fluctuate?

Temperatures fluctuate due to solar heat gain. Window orientation plays a large part in this. Windows that are oriented on the east or west facing sides of your home cause temperature fluctuations because they’re in constant contact with the sun. The sun rises in the east, hitting the easterly windows, then sets in the west, during which time the windows on the west side of your home absorb heat. Without some sort of shade, your home is taking in the sun’s heat all day long.

How Window Film Reduces Solar Heat Gain

Window film is a very cost efficient way to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Other options include shades, window replacement, and other various energy efficiency methods, but none provide as quick of a ROI as window film.

Window film is a revolutionary tool that dramatically improves the insulating properties of ordinary windows. Once applied, it filters incoming light, allowing only visible to light to enter your home while blocking out parts of the electromagnetic spectrum that cause solar heat gain. The result is a much more energy efficient, comfortable space.

Start Saving Today with Window Film

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