Window Films Of Yesterday Vs. Today

Window film has evolved steadily for 50 or more years since its inception and each new iteration makes our modern lives better. This is because the window tinting developers are constantly researching and engineering different films for modern applications and not just for glass anymore. At this stage in the game, film products work on nearly any flat surface for a broad spectrum of protective uses. As it happens, It has come a very long way since the days of thick, dark, plastic sheets applied to only glass windows–all the better for us today. In the 10+ years, we have been providing Denver with window films and tints we have seen a variety of new products come on the market that provides more valuable benefits than ever before.

Privacy Window Tints With Perfect Clarity For Your Denver Home Or Office

In the early days of window film, many of the privacy films also blocked the view from inside homes and commercial buildings too. Today’s window tints offer better light to dark range options, without the loss of clarity. Advances like reflective tints and full or partial frosted or textured glass film, exactly mimic the look of actual glass too.

HD Decorative Films In Denver

Decorative window film is a great way to add a unique interior design element to glass surfaces in your home or office and is very affordable. The new designs are often minimalist, unlike some of the more boisterous designs of the past. Also, the advent of HD graphics, give a beautiful high-end appearance, with no sign of an overlying film at all.

Daylight Redirecting Films In Denver

One type of window film that far more advanced than it’s predecessors is that of daylight redirecting film. This ingenious window film actually redirects the sun ray. So, rather than shining directly in front of your home or business’s windows, sunlight is redirected deeper into the building where light is needed more. This creates more comfortable and consistent light levels through the use of innovative window film science.

For more information on today’s modern window films and how they can increase your quality of life, contact Denver Home Window Tinting today!

Mike Kinsey has sold and installed over 250,000 square feet of window film. As the Operations Manager for Denver Home Window Tinting, Mike oversees all aspects of sales, product education, and customer relations. He is also the project manager for all residential window film installs. Mike's extensive product knowledge and years of experience give him the ability to select the perfect window film for any home. From privacy and decorative to energy efficiency, security, and more, Mike is well versed in all the top innovations and products available on the market today. He and his team have completed hundreds of projects in the Denver metro area, as well as the surrounding areas of Aurora, Wheat Ridge, Arvada, Centennial, Englewood, Thornton, and Littleton.