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Window films have long been known as an architectural solution for controlling heat and glare. And thanks to modern advancements, window tinting products have become more efficient than ever. But still even today, there are many myths that exist that continue to give the words “window tinting” a negative connotation, one of which is that the misconception that window film will make your home windows darker. But the simple fact is that there are many clear window tinting products available in Denver like Vista and Llumar that can provide the same benefits as traditional films without making your windows darker.

Are there really clear window films?

Well, the simple answer is yes. Actually, there are many window film manufacturers today that produce clear films that are just as equally effective if not better than traditional dark window films. The key to understanding how these films work is their design. Window films of the past relied on nothing more than colored dyes to block out the sun. But thanks to modern advancements, we now understand that there are other ways of rejecting heat than blocking out light completely.

Modern day window films use high quality materials like ceramics and precious metals to reject heat without blocking out the sun completely. While these window films may be more costly to produce, they’re also much more effective, which means they have a better ROI. In fact, many homeowners in Denver who install Llumar or Vista window film products experience energy savings so great that the investment pays for itself in three years or less.


Window Film Benefits

But energy savings aren’t the only benefit of window tinting your home. Window film can actually make life better for you and your family in many different ways including:

  • Uv protection: Window film blocks out 99.9% of uv rays that cause fading in furniture and skin cancer.
  • Glare reduction: Tinting your windows can eliminate glare on tv screens, computers, and laptops in your home and prevent eye strain.
  • Security: There are many energy efficient window films out there that also provide safety and security benefits and help prevent vandalism and intrusion.
  • Aesthetics: Window tinting doesn’t have to be solely practical; it can also be stylish too! Add reflective or colored tint to your home to give your architecture a high end look.
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