If you’re considering installing window tint for your home, you may be curious to know how much you’ll actually save on energy costs. While savings do vary for different homes due to their size and construction, there are many case studies out there that can provide you with a good idea of what to expect for your ROI. Below, we’ve discussed one of these cases and examined the actual costs savings of home window tinting for Denver area residents.

Denver Home Window Tint Case Study

Pictured here are the energy bills for a home in the Denver area prior to when window tint was installed. The home is about 2900 sq ft in size and, at this time, had single pane, untreated windows. As you can see here, the average daily energy cost for this family was $8.98 per day during the summer.

energy bill home window tinting denver

In an attempt to lower energy costs, the homeowner installed replacement windows with Low-E glass. Energy costs dropped to $6.55 per day, showing that poor window insulation had definitely played a big factor in the previously high energy expenses.

Inspired, the homeowner decided to take things a step further. Solar control window tint was installed on all the windows of the home. And the results were remarkable. Average daily energy costs dropped to just $2.54 per day! That’s more than a $6.00 difference per day when compared to the energy costs the homeowners had experienced before with single pane, untreated windows.

Added up over the course of a 30 day period, saving just $6.00 per day could amount to monthly savings of $180. With a low-e climate control window tint, annual savings projections could amount to a couple thousand dollars.

While it’s important to note that this homeowner took an extra step by installing replacement windows, it’s easy to see that the real key factor that resulted in significant energy savings for this Denver home was window tinting. At Denver’s high altitude, cooling costs and fading are a common problem for many homeowners. But this case study indicates that window tint could be a very viable and affordable solution.

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